The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades on the one repair he’d love to do

The now primetime presenter tells which item he wishes would be brought to the shop

The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop‘s presenter and restorer extraordinaire Jay Blades has said that there’s one popular item that hasn’t come into to be fixed up yet – and he’s waiting to work on it.


“We’ve had a chopper bike, I love that we did that. I probably would love to see an old car come in – that would take quite a long time to do,” he told “A Jaguar E-Type.”

Now in its sixth series, the feel-good repairs show recently moved to the 8pm slot on BBC One due to popular demand. Jay credits the show’s dedicated fanbase for The Repair Shop’s move to primetime.

“The audience has watched the show from the beginning when it was on BBC Two, then it went to BBC One daytime, and then the numbers just kept on growing and growing,” he said.

Narrated by Scottish actor Bill Paterson, the series follows Jay and his team of experts as they fix up emotionally significant possessions and heirlooms for their grateful owners. With almost seven million viewers tuning in each week for the show’s sixth series, The Repair Shop has been branded as a sleeper hit and a new TV obsession.

Jay thinks the teamwork aspect of the The Repair Shop is what makes the show so popular with viewers.

“You’ve got a community, where there’s a group of us working together for a common goal and you’ve got somebody bringing in an item so you’re hearing about somebody else’s family history,” he said. “Then you’ve got the reveal when they come to pick up the item – it’s just a win-win all round.”

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He added that the wholesome nature of the show couldn’t be more important in these chaotic times. “At the moment because of the lockdown, a lot of people are listening to a lot of negativity, there isn’t much feel-good stuff around.”

He continued: “I think The Repair shop offers something completely different to everything that’s out there because it’s kind of a hark back not only to the old days, but also to last year when it was filmed.”


The Repair Shop airs Wednesday nights at 8pm on BBC One. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.