The Nightly Show drops off air for three minutes during Gordon Ramsay’s debut episode

ITV apologised for the disruption. Twitter thought it was an improvement...


Gordon Ramsay’s stint hosting The Nightly Show didn’t get off to the best of starts.


Viewers were left baffled when the screen went blank during three minutes of the show while an ad break was supposed to be airing.

The channel displayed an apologetic message for several minutes, with an ITV spokesman later saying: “Due to a technical problem ITV was off air for just over three minutes during transmission of The Nightly Show, we apologise to viewers for this disruption.”

Twitter was, as you’d expect, rather unforgiving…


Oh dear. Last week’s host Dermot O’Leary was generally well-received by viewers, although the show is now bringing in lower numbers in the 10pm slot than the News at Ten did.