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The Masked Singer's Tree may have revealed who Octopus is

Could Teddy Sheringham have given us a major clue?

The Masked Singer UK Octopus (ITV)
Published: Monday, 20th January 2020 at 5:24 pm

It’s the mystery gripping the entire nation – which celebrities are hiding behind the elaborate costumes on The Masked Singer?


So far, four of our contestants have been unmasked after our panel of judges-cum-detectives chose to eliminate them from the competition.

And most recently revealed celeb Teddy Sheringham, formerly known as Tree, has a few theories of his own to throw into the mix.

Speaking to and other journalists after being unmasked, the 53-year-old former footballer explained: “I had my thoughts. I thought [Octopus] sounded a little bit like Louise Redknapp.

“She’s releasing an album, so would [The Masked Singer] be good for her? Maybe.”

Octopus is definitely looking to be one of the hardest cases to crack in The Masked Singer, with Courtney Act and Ashley Roberts having previously been suggested by the judges but few people completely sure.

While he was booted out only in week four of the competition, Sheringham is happy enough with his performance – particularly after he was advised by his wife not to take part.

“She listened to about 30, 40 seconds of me singing and she went, oh my God, it’s horrendous, you’ve got to get out of this show!’" he said. “I said yeah, I know, I hear what you’re saying, it’s not the best, but I’ve signed a contract now, we’re going with it!

“I just thought it might be fun, doing a bit of singing. I hadn’t done anything like that before. I tried my best, that’s all I wanted to try and prove to my kids.

“[My children] have to do things like Show and Tell and they get up in front of class and do what they’ve got to do. I’d never been able to have done that as a kid, I was too shy to do that.

“So for me to get up and there and do something like this shows them that you can get up there, show them your best shot and see where it takes them.”


The Masked Singer continues Saturdays at 7pm on ITV


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