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The Jump’s Lady V: Competitiveness with Jodie Kidd was "taken out of context"

Lady Victoria Hervey says she only responded to fighting talk from Kidd on the slopes

Published: Friday, 6th February 2015 at 10:32 am

Lady Victoria Hervey appeared to shove her competitive switch on before hitting the slopes for reality show The Jump, but says clashes with model Jodie Kidd have been “taken out of context”.


“I was never competitive with Jodie,” Lady V tells after her slower bobsleigh time saw her into the live jump and out of the competition.

Yet we saw fighting words on the slopes; Lady V quite specifically told Kidd she was faster and would beat her down the Snow Cross run.

“I did say that, but that was after she told me she was going to bring me down.

“She said that basically she was going to grab me and take me down, so that’s when I said, ‘Don’t worry I’m faster than you, I’ll get through’, that was it.”

Kidd did stick to her word, flinging out an arm during the live race in an attempt to trip Lady V.

“Oh yeah, I saw this like octopus arm coming out and I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ I just kind of managed to get around her,” Lady V laughs.

The socialite admits she’s “bummed” to miss tonight’s Ski Cross event – “that’s my best one” – but says she’s pleased to have got out injury free.

“It will get [vicious] tonight as it’s four people at a time… it’s going to get messy. I think there could well be some accidents.”

Of getting through the competition as a whole she admits, “I didn’t fall. That would have been horrible falling live on TV. It was all pretty smooth.”

Although if she had her time again, Lady V says she'd have taken more risks, namely taking on the biggest jump.

“I think if I hadn’t been the first one to jump, I would have done the big one for sure,” Lady V explains of having to watch last night as the other competitors one by one beat her score of 13.5 meters. “I’ve been dying to do it and I would have pushed it and done it. I wanted to do it live for the first time… go out with a bang.”

Or a broken leg?

“I figured I could land it…”


The Jump continues tonight at 8:00pm on Channel 4


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