The Island’s Aran on Karen and Jane rejoining the group: “There was always safety in numbers”

The paramedic tells that he didn’t begrudge the pair wanting to come back to camp after storming off to form their own splinter group


The Island with Bear Grylls descended into mayhem this evening.


The camp was split into those desperate to leave and those wanting to stay after torrential rain and the safety team had to intervene with emergency rations and clothing.

But if that wasn’t enough, Karen and Jane ended up rubbing sea salt into the wound when they announced they were sick of everyone else and were forming their own splinter group.

Asked by what he thought when Karen and Jane decided on their own splinter group, islander and paramedic Aran said: “There were so many splinter groups forming it was hard to really follow who was friends with who at times. As food was supplied by us fishing most of the time, I was wary of how it would actually work.

“I was getting close to just taking off and exploring the island on my own,” he added. “Just to get away from the bickering and negativity.”


Obviously they only lasted about half a day as a duo, and they were soon coming back to camp asking to rejoin the main group. Of their decision, Aran says: “There was always safety in numbers, if not quite harmony.”

Asked how hard it was to convince everyone to get rid of the tarpaulin once the worst of the rain had passed, Aran explained that “some of us wanted to stay true to our mission and others were getting comfortable.

“It was only with reminding people that we had got through so much that gave people the self believe that we can cope with anything.”

He says that people’s negativity towards the weather surprised him the most, and although he could understand some people’s reasons for leaving he “was there to stay, rain or shine. I was not leaving that island!”

Aran described his experience on the show as “cold, wet and frustrating”, but also that at times it felt like “being a kid again”.

“I was prepared for the hunger and the physical effort,” he said. “But I was not fully aware how psychological it would be. The strain of people living so close together, 24 hours for 35 days brings out all emotions in everyone.”

Asked what he had learnt about himself while taking part in the show, Aran said: “I’ve learnt that I’m more independent than I thought and that I trust people to be honest too much.

“It surprised me how groups can turn on people so easy and made me realise that I can stick to my beliefs under strain and immense peer pressure. I went against the elimination and also against the evacuation and I’m glad I had the self-confidence in myself and have learnt to tap into a new level of will power and stamina.

“Now I know I can push myself further physically and way more mentally than I ever thought before. I’ve been as tired and as hungry as I’ll probably ever be, and I know now, I could do it again.”


The Island with Bear Grylls continues next Sunday May 14 at 9pm on Channel 4