The day the Britain’s Got Talent Stormtroopers invaded the Radio Times office

After conquering Saturday night television, Boogie Storm came to our HQ and caused havoc - but who are they really?


The Dark Side took over Radio Times this week when Britain’s Got Talent dance act Boogie Storm marched in to the building before their appearance in this week’s live semi-finals. The dancing stormtroopers, who bagged the final Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell, took the editor hostage and generally caused havoc — but only after we asked them some questions.


Is it fitting that BGT “Dark Lord” Simon Cowell hit his Golden Buzzer for you?

That was our goal from the very beginning — we’ve been searching for a new leader.

Star Wars actor John Boyega gave you the thumbs up, has he taken up your offer to join the group?
John’s priorities are different to ours now. We have a spot saved for him if he ever decides to come back to the Dark Side.

Will you reveal your identities?

How do you feel about past BGT winners Diversity claiming to be behind those helmets?
We’ll have to challenge them to a dance off…

Have you ever performed for anyone famous before?
We haven’t, but we heard some of our colleagues performed for the Obamas.

Can you win BGT?
The Force is strong with this one.

Check out what else the Imperial toe-tappers got up to in the Radio Times office in the gallery below. 



Britain’s Got Talent continues on ITV tonight (Saturday 21st May) at 8.00pm