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Meet Woody – a player in The Circle series 2, and the son of Fatboy Slim and Zoe Ball

The 18-year-old won’t be revealing his famous parents as he enters the social media game

Woody, The Circle (Channel 4)
Published: Monday, 23rd September 2019 at 11:37 am

The Circle is back for another round, with the social media (un)reality show garnering a cult following thanks to the antics of its catfishing contestants and overall dystopian feel.


This time, eight new contestants will be entering the game for an even longer period, trying to be named the most influential person in The Circle in a bid to win the £100,000 prize fund.

Here’s all you need to know about Woody, who will be telling a few white lies as he enters the social media game.

Who is Woody?

Like most other 18-year-olds, Brighton-born Woody enjoys music, festivals and reading. However, what makes him distinct from other teenagers are his famous parents – he’s the son of DJ Norman Cook, stage name Fatboy Slim, and TV presenter Zoe Ball.

Why is Woody entering The Circle?

Woody, The Circle (Channel 4)

Woody is entering The Circle mostly for the experience.

“It seems like a blast, an opportunity to get my message and values about social media across to the world,” he said. “Social media is a great platform to use but it can be dangerous in the hands of people who are too young because it makes everyone compare themselves to everyone else a lot more than the last generation would have.

“And The Circle seems like just a cool life experience.”

What is Woody’s game plan in The Circle?

Woody is more or less going to be himself while playing the game.

“I'm going to be friendly me, post lots of photos of me having fun rather than trying to look attractive,” he said. “I'm just going to be Woody from Brighton.”

As mentioned above, Woody will not be revealing who his parents are.

“My whole life a lot of people have already known who I am before I meet them. This is a good chance to see if people actually like me on my own,” he said.

“My parents do know I'm doing the show and they are supportive. They have given me a lot to think about from past experiences and advice. They said that what you say on TV is out there forever and you can't unsay it and that once you share too much you never unshare it."

He added that his bisexuality will help him fit in more. “I find being bisexual helps talking to girls and it doubles the pool of people I can flirt with,” he said.

What’s Woody’s plan for the prize money?

It sounds as if Woody has inherited his parents’ passion for music.

“I wouldn’t spend all the money immediately,” he said. “I'd get a lot of musical equipment and start working on my dream. The dream is to gather a group of mates and make a record label.”

Woody - Key Facts

Name: Woody
Age: 18
Occupation: Works in a pub
From: Brighton
Relationship status: Dating someone new
Playing as: Himself, but not revealing his famous parents


The Circle launches Tuesday at 9.15pm on Channel 4.


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