The best of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s three year prank battle with Jimmy Kimmel

What happens when good neighbours become bad friends?

US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel has been locked in a three year prank battle with actress Emily Blunt and actor hubby John Krasinski – and it seems the latter may very well have just won.


Let’s get some background. 

Blunt and Krasinski live right near Kimmel and his wife. They have a key to his house and everything. It’s probably for emergencies. But never mind that. Blunt and Krasinski used it three years ago to “break in unlawfully” as Kimmel put its, to erect these two fellas.

Festive. But certainly a strange surprise to come home to. 

Kimmel retaliated by buying this neon insurance light from craigslist and installed it on the front of their house.

Krasinski was confused. So, so confused.

This is a ‘why do bad things happen to good people?’ face.

Blunt and Krasinski got them back with this little fella, nestled all scary like in Kimmel’s garden.

To which Kimmel responded by putting a 26ft inflatable reindeer in their garden.

Complete with non-inflatable reindeer poop.

Last year Kimmel decided to end it once and for all and gift wrapped their entire house.

Fake snow, carol singers, toys…

But that didn’t end it. That didn’t end it at all. Last week, Kimmel left work to find his car like this.

Of course that wasn’t it. The whole car was filled with baubles. “That’s very impressive you son of a b****” Kimmel admits.

So. Many. Baubles.

So many.

But once isn’t enough is it?

Yes Jimmy, again.

This time with a reindeer (which Kimmel wasn’t even sure really existed) and carol singers.

Oh yeah, and then it happened again. And Krasinski turned up dressed as Father Christmas.

That’s Kimmel’s actual laptop by the back wheel and his own clarinet, once again nabbed from Kimmel’s house. 

Krasinski was going to give his stuff to “the children of America” but smashed up Kimmel’s car instead.

Yep, that’s a fallen piano. 

“It’s pretty much the best prank ever,” says Blunt. Your move Kimmel…