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The Apprentice: 5 unexpected things we learnt from an exit interview with Solomon Akhtar

Cheeky snaps, tie problems and an octopus. We catch up with the "ideas man" as he leaves The Apprentice 2014

Published: Wednesday, 17th December 2014 at 9:01 pm

Solomon Akhtar was fired from tonight’s The Apprentice after his business plan to support companies' shipping needs took a bit of a beating


Fired just before this weekend’s final (which will see Bianca Miller’s hosiery business go up against Mark Wright’s search engine-focused proposition), the ‘ideas man’ told us a few things we weren't expecting...

1. Solomon plans to send Claudine Collins a cheeky picture

Solomon introduced one of Lord Sugar’s advisors Claudine Collins to a new product tonight – the Willykini: “It’s basically like a mankini but a smaller version of it…”

It wasn’t the business idea he was pitching for the £250,000 investment, it's a side project he's already involved in, but hey, these guys do their research.

“Ok, got it,” she said, hand up just to make sure he didn't go any further.

But Solomon, who eventually missed out on a spot in this weekend’s final, thinks a visual aid might be a good idea, too.

“I’m going to send Claudine a picture of me in a Willykini after I get fired. I think she’ll appreciate that,” he tells “She’s a big fan of it. I think I made her laugh a lot. We had fun. We got on really well.”

But maybe not quite that well, eh...?

2. Solomon thinks he's like a crab. Wait, a star fish. Wait, an octopus...

Solomon says he's quite chilled out compared to "feisty" finalist Bianca. While he describes her as an eel – "she's the one in the water, getting through the reeds and into the ocean" – he says he's "probably like a crab. I'm just chilling out". Then changes his mind. Something nicer, he says, "like a Starfish". No, wait... "They're a bit boring aren't they? An octopus!" Or maybe you're just confused, Solomon...

3. He still can't do his tie properly

"Felipe being fired, it was like my world ending," says Solomon, of the fellow candidate who used to do his tie for him. "I can do it myself... the end bit is just way too long..." 

4. He fancies Lord Sugar's aide Karren Brady

"I actually fancy Karren so much," Solomon says. "She's very attractive. Pretty, nice woman. I was very much in awe of her. I tried to flirt with her. I don't know if she flirted back. Maybe a little bit.

"Karren was my favourite. We got on really well. She's an amazing woman."

Maybe Claudine's not the only one who can look forward to a Willykini shot in the post...

5. Solomon wasn't really thinking about money

In a show that's focussed on a £250,000 investment, Solomon (to quote singer Sam Smith) didn't have money on his mind.

"I wanted to have an idea and see where it goes... obviously it is a bit about money right, you've got to make money, but for me it's about having fun. Believing in an idea, seeing where it goes and having fun."

So he's probably right when he suggests that he and Lord Sugar wouldn't have got along in business. "Lord Sugar's very money orientated. I don't think our personalities fit to be honest..."


See The Apprentice final Sunday at 9:00pm on BBC1


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