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The 11 stages of Michelle Obama's dance off with Ellen DeGeneres

When the First Lady lays down a challenge, you have no choice but to respond...

Published: Sunday, 15th March 2015 at 9:35 am

Michelle Obama is taking over this year’s annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House with a ‘gimme five’ routine, as taught by the stars of So You Think You Can Dance?. It’s part of her Let’s Move campaign, which has recently seen stars including Hugh Jackman and Beyoncé offering up their five best fitness tips online.


In honour of the upcoming event, the First Lady threw down the gauntlet to chat show host Ellen DeGeneres by suggesting a dance off. 

Yes, a dance off with the President’s wife. Only for the brave, eh?

Here’s how it went down…

Stage 1: Fear

Ellen had time to learn the dance, but what was she going to do? Go full steam ahead and try and beat the First Lady? Let her win? Run a mile?

Stage 2: Excuses

The chat show host is smart, she knew to play down her talent early on: “I’m very, very busy. I’m not very good at choreography. I’m more of a freestyler, more street…”

Stage 3: More excuses

Next Ellen worked hard to get the audience on side by highlighting her underdog status: “Your people tell me you’ve been practising for a year…”

Stage 4: Get competitive

It wasn't long before the host took the gloves off: “Listen, I’m in better shape than you,” she boasted to her guest.

Stage 5: Remind them of their previous losses

This isn't the first time the two have competed, and Ellen made sure everyone was aware of her past form: “We know that [I’m in better shape] from the push up contest”.

Stage 6: Point out your opponent's flaws

Best to make sure there's no confusion about who triumphed last time: “You cheated – I won!” claimed Ellen.

Stage 7: Unsettle them with charm

Then the host u-turned, killing her opponent with kindness: “Let’s not, you’re pretty.”

Stage 8: Laugh off any attempts at retaliation

And when the First Lady looked ready for a push-up rematch (“Don’t make me take off my jacket!”) Ellen simply dismissed the suggestion and got back to the business in hand.

Stage 9: Play fair

Ellen did put a halt to the dance to ensure the First Lady’s mic pack wasn’t going to cause her any troubles after her opening move – which featured plenty of hip wiggling – saw it fly off. 

Stage 10: Rock out

And then both ladies totally nailed their version of Uptown Funk. 

Stage 11: Result

We call this one a tie. Ladies, looks like it’ll have to be best of three…



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