The X Factor 2018 may have uncovered another bizarre gem in the form of blonde Bulgarian singer Ivo Dimchev.


The 42-year-old choreographer explained before performing that he had "accidentally discovered" that he could write songs, before proceeding to bamboozle the judges with his original song Lucky Day.

He freely admits that he's more "weird" than the run-of-the-mill X Factor contestant (big claim), but says that his "pushing boundaries" could be just what the ITV show needs.

So, what other 'experiments' has the contestant tried before auditioning for The X Factor? Well...

After a bit of internet searching, we came across Ivo's YouTube channel, where he describes himself as a "contemporary artist and musician".

As well as more original songs including a live performance in Berlin (above), there is a suitably weird but impressively produced music video for his track I-CURE.

But that's not all.

It appears that as well as music Ivo has also in the past tried his hand at performance art, with videos showing performers in bare rooms daubing blood-red paint across white floors, and other, decidedly un-X Factor performances.

Then throw in his Instagram profile, where he teased his X Factor audition with this video of a rocking robotic head roaring in a chair. Pity this wasn't how he was announced on the show to be honest...

How much of this will make it through to his performance on ITV remains to be seen – and given the mixed response in the audience for his stage audition it may be best to stick to the music – but if the judges let his, uhh, 'creative' instincts run riot, then maybe he could be a contender after all.

Ivo Dimchev X Factor quick profile

Age: 42

Originally from: Bulgaria

Instagram: ivo_dimchev


The X Factor continues every Saturday and Sunday on ITV