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Who is Nicole Caldwell? Meet The X Factor contestant who's performed with Susan Boyle

Nicole sings Purple Rain in her first audition

Published: Sunday, 8th October 2017 at 6:30 pm

The X Factor 2017 acts: Nicole Caldwell

Twitter: @NicoleCaldwell_


Age: 27

From: Glagow

Bio: Nicole is part of a choir called Soul Nation, and has sung with none other than Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent. She even has a picture on her Facebook page to prove it! She's also a singer with wedding band The Jack Dames.

What did Nicole Caldwell sing at her first audition?

Nicole blew the judges away with her rendition of Purple Rain by Prince.

Who is Nicole Caldwell?

A full-time singer, Nicole has performed in pubs and clubs with her band. However, stepping up to audition for the judges she explained that she hadn't done anything as big as The X Factor before and that she felt out of her comfort zone.

She explained that a couple of years ago, she felt as though her weight "really" held her back and that she just didn't feel confident and would avoid pictures and getting filmed."People would say to me 'You should go on The X Factor', and I'd be like 'I can't go on The X Factor - I look like this'," she explained, adding that two years ago she decided to go on a health kick which led her to lose five stone in weight.

The X Factor airs Saturdays and Sundays on ITV.


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