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What's the future for Kevin and Karen Clifton on Strictly Come Dancing?

The professional dancers might have called time on their marriage - but does this mean the end of their time on Strictly?

Karen Clifton and Kevin Clifton on Strictly Come Dancing
Published: Thursday, 15th March 2018 at 3:49 pm

Today the news that had been rumoured for many months was confirmed, as Kevin and Karen Clifton announced that they were separating after three years of marriage.


The pair will still be embarking on their tour this summer, but what remains to be seen is whether both of them will return to Strictly Come Dancing this autumn.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2, Kevin said that they both hadn't yet found out about whether or not they would both be signed up for series 16 as professionals: "We sort of get told a bit later on in the year whether we are or not," he said. "I hope so. We both love the show so much. If they were to ask us back we'd both be delighted to come back again. We love Strictly."

It was a sentiment echoed by Karen back in January, when she told "I love coming back every year so hopefully they do ask me back.

Karen Clifton
Karen Clifton (Getty)

"As long as they’ll have me, I’ll be there. We’re only contracted for a year so we wait around and clear out our schedules, but Strictly is the most important thing for us.

"Nothing else matters. Strictly matters for us and that’s our priority. We love the show because it’s a family show, it’s a great entertainment show and everybody absolutely adores it. So why wouldn’t you want to wait around for it?"

If they were to both remain as professionals on the show, they wouldn't be the first ex-partners to do so.

Former couple Brendan Cole and Camilla Dallerup also both continued as Strictly pros on the show despite parting ways romantically, and despite their marriage breaking down, Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone went on to both continue starring as pros on Strictly.

Although they both left the show in 2012, they continue touring together even though they have both moved on with new partners.


With both Kevin and Karen being firm fan favourites, it would be a huge shame for Stritly to lose either of them.


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