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What is Waacking? The lowdown on the style of dance seen on The Greatest Dancer

Waack this Way brought the unique dance style to our screens this Saturday…

Published: Saturday, 4th January 2020 at 6:50 pm

After its electrifying first season, The Greatest Dancer is back for round two as it bids to uncover yet more dancing talent.


This week saw unconventional dance group Waack this Way bring waacking to the stage in a bid to impress the panel.

But what is waacking? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Waacking?

Waack is a dance form that first emerged in clubs in the 1970’s. Popular with the LGBT+ scene in Los Angeles, Waacking consists of moving your arms along to a musical beat – traditionally focusing on arm movements over and behind the shoulder.

Waacking gained interest after Soul Train in the 70s, and has more recently had a resurgence in popularity after it was seen on shows such as So You Think You Can Dance.

Famous Waack dancers

Tyrone Proctor is considered a pioneer of Waacking. He later on formed the group The Outrageous Waack Dancers with another pioneer of the style


What does waacking look like?

We can't show you ourselves, unfortunately - but here's a few examples of waacking from YouTube...


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