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We can't recommend you watch Stephen Mulhern's Britain's Got Talent rap video

Get out of this article while you still can!

Published: Saturday, 15th April 2017 at 6:52 pm

You really really shouldn’t have clicked that link. You don't deserve what you're about to see. Because what you’re about to see is Britain's Got More Talent presenter Stephen Mulhern rapping about finding the show’s one viewer who's apparently decided not to tune in this year. You know, just like Eminem would do.


Sure, the musical number starts with Mulhern chatting to the lovable Ant and Dec at the BGT backstage. Yes, the video features brilliant cameos from the likes of Holly Willoughby, Susanna Reid and Jason Manford. But nonetheless, this video will shatter your ear ossicles and burn your retinas with the image of Stephen Mulhern rapping with a gold chain around his neck and fur coat on his back.

It’s a video that should be avoided at all costs. Yet you must see it.

We’ll see you on the other side.

Okay, take a deep breath. It’s over. Well, at least that’s what we would say if Mulhern hadn’t also done a boyband-style promo video for last year’s competition…

And another rap video the year before…

We’re sorry. So, so sorry.


The 11th series of Britain's Got Talent will begin on Saturday 15th April at 8pm on ITV. Britain’s Got More Talent starts on ITV2 after the main show at 9.25pm.


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