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Watch Robbie Williams tribute act Dan Budd wow the Let It Shine judges

Gary Barlow wasn't the only one to notice the uncanny resemblance with his former band mate

Published: Sunday, 22nd January 2017 at 9:52 am

If you're a Robbie Williams impersonator, it's sort of a no brainer to audition for Gary Barlow's talent show Let It Shine.


That was surely the logic of Dan Budd who last night appeared on the contest designed to put together a group of performers to portray the 90s boyband in a West End musical.

From the moment he walked on stage he caught the attention of Barlow who remarked, "you look like a friend of mine" before adding "he sounds like him as well" when Budd started crooning to No Regrets (which, awkwardly, Williams wrote about his experience of leaving the band).

For the judges and audience the similarities were uncanny and when Budd found himself facing "Star War" the panel gave him the seal of approval and he sailed through to the next round.

But Barlow did express his reservations about the wannabe Williams: “You are an amazing impersonator, you really are and It’s unbelievable how much you sound and look like Rob,” he told him.

“But we are trying to create this musical and at no point do I want band members to be named. I want the music to be celebrated with an entirely new story. So by having someone that looks identical to Robbie, it’s going against everything I’m trying to do. It's a case of whether we can de-Robbie you."

Although the Let It Shine judge did later express regret that he hadn't awarded Budd more than three of his five stars: "I got my scoring wrong. I've had more time to think about it and I should have given you a five, I should have," he admitted.


Watch Budd in action below and make up your own mind:


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