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The Voice UK’s Septimus Prime reveals he didn’t get past The X Factor's pre-show auditions

The 19-year-old tells about his unusual moniker and why this year we'll see the first breakout star from the show

Published: Monday, 13th February 2017 at 2:35 pm

Septimus Prime says he auditioned for The X Factor before The Voice UK, but didn’t get past an initial off-screen audition.


Speaking to, the 19-year-old from London explains: “I did audition for X Factor, but I only did the producers auditions and I didn’t get to audition for Simon [Cowell].

“I feel like I like the way The Voice format is, you have to be really, really good because there are no bad singers and that’s what I think makes it a really good competition for viewers at home and of course us singers as well."


A quick search of Septimus – real name Septimus Kamara – reveals that he has released a few songs before. On YouTube, his song My Girl has had 150,000 views since being uploaded in 2015 and he used to be signed to a record label called Playaville Music.

Septimus, who joined Team Tom after the veteran singer was the only coach to turn for him during his performance of Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, tells us that Playaville is his uncle’s company and that he’s currently “a single artist” not attached to any labels.

“I was working with my uncle and we did release a few songs… it’s not that I left, it’s just because I wanted to start doing my own stuff,” he explains. “I wanted to develop by myself. He still helps me, so we’re still happy because he’s my uncle! But I wanted to start improving as myself.”

His mum explained on the show that the moniker came about because he was born in September, and according to Septimus, being constantly asked about his unusual name doesn't get annoying.

“I quite enjoy it because it’s a name that a lot of people remember, which will help me," he says. "I just hope I pull off the name – and do the name justice!"

He doesn’t have any concerns about the fact that, over four series, the programme hasn’t yet found a breakout star. Previous winners Leanne Mitchell, Andrea Begley, Jermain Jackman, Stevie McCrorie and Kevin Simm have all failed to set the charts alight or have lasting careers after the show.

“When my friends found out I auditioned for The Voice, they said that,” says the London-based singer. “But it’s on a new channel, it’s like a fresh start for The Voice this year.


“They’ve got new coaches, it’s a whole new format that’s different. Because for this one, the record label is fully involved from the start. For the first time ever the prize is a record contract so that gives a bit more of determination from the artists’ viewpoint to say ‘OK, if I win I know straight away I’m in the industry’.

“It gives that extra edge to see that the record label are saying ‘This year, we want to turn the winner into a huge artist’. I think this year the winner will be the first breakout star from The Voice UK.”


The Voice UK continues on Saturday 18th February at 8pm on ITV


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