The Masked Singer’s Duck aka Skin reveals what it was really like in her costume

The singer has opened up about her experience on the show

©Bandicoot TV

We watched her prance around in a giant rubber duck costume, as she took on ITV’s The Masked Singer, but Skin – who was behind the show’s Duck – says it was no walk in the park getting into the yellow outfit every day.


“I think it helped with the disguise, but it didn’t help me sing,” she revealed.

“There was so much architecture in places where you couldn’t get to.”

For her first song, the 52-year-old performed Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On Prayer.

While her rendition of the 80s hit moved the panel and won her a spot on the next show, Skin – real name Deborah Anne Dyer – says her costume had to undergo major enhancements after that performance.

She said: “There was literally like no air in there and the part across my mouth was completely black, so I literally couldn’t breathe and everyone was like, ‘You’ve got to move, you’ve got to dance’ and I was like, ‘I am moving!’

“It actually swallowed any movement that I had. I was wiggling but you couldn’t see. It was very restrictive. It was a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

The Masked Singer's Duck (©Bandicoot TV)
The Masked Singer’s Duck (©Bandicoot TV)

Although Skin admitted that the costume “hindered” her ability slightly, she was drawn to the vibrant outfit as it brought back a childhood memory.

In a recent interview on ITV’s Loose Women, she said: “When I was growing up, I had these really pretty brothers and they were kind of centre of attention. I always used to feel kind of like an ugly duckling, so I was the duck.”

Opening up about her decision to sign up to the show, she continued to “The reason why I chose the rubber duck is because I wanted to stand out. It’s huge and it’s yellow.

“I wanted to get noticed because if you’re going to do something like that you’ve got to go for it. There’s no half way house. There’s no trying to be cool. You do it!”


The Masked Singer is on ITV on Saturdays at 7pm