Strictly’s Graeme Swann reveals awkward clash with Seann Walsh over Katya Jones kiss scandal

The cricketer tried to joke around with comedian Walsh - but it didn’t go down so well...

Graeme Swann, Seann Walsh, Katya Jones, Strictly (BBC, EH)

Graeme Swann tried to crack a joke with fellow Strictly Come Dancing star Seann Walsh about his kiss with Katya Jones – but the comedian failed to see the funny side.


Walsh and his professional partner Jones – who is married to Strictly dancer Neil Jones – made headlines earlier this month after photographs emerged of the pair snogging on a night out, leading to Walsh’s girlfriend ending their relationship.

The comedian responded to press coverage of the scandal last Saturday, acknowledging that it’s made him more famous – but when cricketer Swann tried to have a laugh with him about it at the Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals last Friday, it apparently resulted in an awkward clash.

Speaking on the BBC’s Test Match Special podcast, Swann revealed: “Personally, you don’t see everyone all week and then you meet together on a Friday when you do your run-through with the band and stuff.

“I really enjoyed it, just because I’m friends with Seann, so I was the first person he saw when he walked in, and I was just there with a stupid grin on my face laughing at him.

“Not at what he’d done, but at the situation he found himself in all week. I was thinking, he’s a comedian, he’ll find the lighter side of this. He didn’t! I said to him, ‘I want to see how awkward the first introductions since the incident are going to be.’

“Again, I thought he’d find the funny side. He just looked at me and said, ‘Please don’t, mate.’ And walked off! So, you know, people take things different ways. You play with fire, you’re going to get burned one day, aren’t you?”

Swann was also very frank when asked whether the Strictly Come Dancing celebrities really are as chummy behind-the-scenes as they appear to be on air.

“For the most part it is. There’s always one or two, much like any cricket team, who no one really likes but everyone pretends to for the good of the show,” he laughed.

At least someone’s enjoying the fallout from the Strictly curse…


Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday 20th October at 6:45pm on BBC1