“They’ve got me a dragon”: Strictly star Susan Calman goes all-out for her Game of Thrones Halloween Week Foxtrot

But will Susan be the Mother of Dragons? And is Kevin her Jon Snow?

Strictly Come Dancing Susan Calman

Remember when you asked your parents for a pony for Christmas and you didn’t get one? Well Susan Calman has gone even further, asking the Strictly Come Dancing bosses for a dragon for Halloween – and apparently they’ve actually gone and done it.


The Scottish comedian and her partner Kevin Clifton will be dancing a Game of Thrones themed Foxtrot to the tune of Killer Queen on Saturday night. And yes, there will be a dragon.

Whether it will be quite as formidable as Daenerys’s remains to be seen but Calman seems to be having fun in the training room, even if she did give Kevin a stern telling off…

But he’s probably willing to put up with that, seeing how excited he is about the costume. We can’t wait to see.


Strictly Come Dancing airs on Saturday 28th October at 6:35pm on BBC1