Strictly recreated ‘Ed Balls day’ with Twitter announcement

Simply writing 'Ed Balls' really was the only way they could announce his involvement...


Ed Balls was announced as the first Strictly Come Dancing contestant today and there was only one way for the official Strictly Twitter account to confirm it: by recreating that Ed Balls tweet.


You know the one? Back in 2011 when Ed Balls was a Twitter newbie, he was searching his own name but got in a Twitter muddle and ended up simply tweeting his own name ‘Ed Balls’.

There’s a whole Ed Balls day – 28 April – when everyone tweets Ed Balls again.

As such, here’s how the ex-MP had his entrance into the ballroom confirmed:

Getting into the swing of it (good news for a man about to take part in a dancing competition) he replied with a simple tweet of his own:

Ah the laughs. You never know, ‘glitterball’ might be soon.


Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC1 later this year