The Wanted singer and Glee star Max George will be fine to make his debut in Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday despite appearing to be carrying a wrist injury while going to training sessions.


Max, 32, is one of the early favourites to lift the Glitterball Trophy and would be a big loss to the BBC One celebrity dance contest.

The Sun published an image of Max entering training this week, clearly wearing a wrist support. It reported he had suffered a wrist injury in the gym recently and was wearing the cast as a precaution.

Strictly Come Dancing confirmed to the newspaper: "Max sprained his wrist in the gym a few weeks ago, so it's just there for support while he trains."

Max will be dancing a tango with Australian professional Dianne Buswell on Saturday's premiere of Strictly Come Dancing, a dance that doesn't generally require lifting.

There is a lot of expectation around Max's performance as his bandmate, Jay McGuiness, won the Glitterball Trophy in 2015.

Had Jay given him advice? "Yes, and he said he’s starting to feel like Yoda — a wise old Jedi giving me tips. I’d never compare myself to him, though. He’s always been an amazing dancer. But I’ll be doing the best I can for Dianne."

Max told Radio Times: "I’m completely out of my depth. This year’s been tough, so when this opportunity came along, I thought, 'Hopefully I can at least make people smile.' And if the pubs are shut, then I’ll have no excuse for not turning up!" Have you had any advice from your bandmate Jay McGuiness, who won in 2015?

Max's appearance on Strictly comes soon after the revelation his bandmate in The Wanted, Tom Parker, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Max posted on Instagram recently: "I know that you will conquer this as you have every other challenge you have ever faced. We are all on this journey together... and I can’t wait to get back on the stage with you and the boys and have a proper celebration when you’re better."

The Strictly Come Dancing life shows kick off on BBC One on Saturday 24th October at 7.25pm


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