Last week, we got the news we were waiting for: Strictly Come Dancing would be returning to the BBC One.

But first, believes professional dancers and celebrity contestants must isolate for two weeks together in bubbles, after the pro dancers have spent an initial two weeks being on their own.

This is hopefully to allow for close contact dance routines once the show airs - which means we'll get to see our favourite dances live in action (we're thinking about the Argentine Tango just writing about it!).

While the show be will kept as normal as possible, which we couldn't be happier about, this could actually also be an opportunity for the BBC to get some more content out of it and give us an even bigger and better Strictly this year, with some exciting behind-the-scenes footage.

How great would it be if the producers filmed another series in the style of a reality show, showing us the celebs and their pro dancers in isolation?

With the contestants having to live together for the first time ever in Strictly's history due to coronavirus restrictions, this would be the perfect opportunity for the BBC to utilise the current circumstances and make not one, but two, amazing Strictly shows this year - and we know just how it would work.

Cameras could be installed into the properties where each pairing will be staying, if they were indeed living together.

The producers could then film each bubble at the same time for a period of the day, and have some kind of lockdown series, in the style of say Big Brother or The Circle.

The bubbles could interact with one another via a social media site or phones, where they can share pictures, voice notes and so on. They could even go head-to-head and compete in various challenges.

Strictly Come Dancing (BBC)
Strictly Come Dancing (BBC)

As well as this, the producers could film the contestants having video calls with their loved ones back home, which will add a nice, family feel to the show.

At the end of filming, there would be two weeks worth of great content which could be edited down. Slap on a voiceover (hello, Alan Dedicoat) and, voila, we have a Strictly lockdown special.

Where we may never get a Strictly like this again, it'd be a shame to miss out on what could be really great TV. So, why not make this year's offering even more special and surprise fans with this BTS footage?

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We definitely wouldn't say no to some more Strictly!

Strictly Come Dancing returns later this year. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.