Strictly Come Dancing stars Saffron Barker and Emma Barton have called out for the first same-sex celebrity pairing in the 2020 series.


The line-up is a closely guarded secret at the moment and while it's being finalised, two 2019 alumni think it's about time for a same-sex pairing.

Speaking exclusively to at the Radio Times Covers Party, Strictly Come Dancing star Saffron was keen to see history being made.

"I would be all about them having a same sex couple - yeah they should," she said.

Saffron continued: "Absolutely, if someone wants to be in a same sex couple I don't know why you wouldn't."

Her Strictly 2020 colleague, Emma agreed, sharing: "I love it, it's just fantastic and I don't understand why not.

"I think it would be amazing, and Johannes and Graziano did it themselves in that routine and proved how beautifully it could be done."

She added: "Male or female... why not be two women?

"They are just fierce those dancers, they will work to your advantage whether they're the same sex as you or not.

"They will bring out the best in you."

Emma and Saffron are fresh off the Strictly Come Dancing tour, where they travelled across the UK performing their most popular routines for fans.

Strictly Come Dancing Saffron Barker
Strictly Come Dancing's Saffron Barker (GETTY)

For Emma, it's been a confidence-building experience getting to dance in front of thousands every night.

She said: "I impressed myself that I got through the fear. I'm a bit of a worrier and a perfectionist in my job. I like to make sure everything is clean, right and correct, whether it's learning lines or singing or dancing.

"I learnt to overcome and the further I got through, confidence was building.

"On the back of doing the tour, doing arenas - places my idols have performed - to the amount of people, the scale of that... I really believe now you should face your fears!"

Speaking about her Strictly experience, Saffron added: "It was amazing, it was a dream come true. It's actually just ended because I also had the tour as well, so I feel like I had eight months of Strictly, but it's a pretty good eight months.

"It was like a big family reunion which was so lovely. It was so nice because there was no pressure - it was like Strictly but with no pressure."


Strictly Come Dancing will return to BBC One in 2020