Strictly Come Dancing 2020 scare after crew member tests positive for COVID-19

Three colleagues in contact with the man have been sent home to self-isolate while they await test results.

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A crew member on Strictly Come Dancing 2020 has tested positive for coronavirus, although a source on the BBC One celebrity dance competition said his second result was negative.


The Sun reported that the crew member was a lighting expert who had been working on the set for a week, so he would have come into contact with a number of colleagues, but a Strictly Come Dancing representative said the man had finished working on the set last week and his positive test was picked up at a different studio.

The publicist stressed that his second test was negative, but the three people who were in particularly close contact with the man were sent home to self-isolate and wait on their own test results.

The chances of the crew member infecting the Professionals, who are due on set later this week to start recording group dances, was minimal as technical crew don’t come into contact with dancers and the studios are rigorously treated with electrostatic spray which prevents the virus lingering.

The show has been prepared with the strictest adherence to COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure it could go ahead. The Strictly Professionals went into isolation bubbles in July as they began to prepare for the new series, and celebrities will be doing the same in the run-up to the premiere, which is likely to be in late October.

As well, it’s believed Strictly Come Dancing will forego the usual live in-studio band to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission.


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