Susan Calman’s love for Strictly is making us feel an awful lot better this Friday

“If I can be Wonder Woman, anyone can”

Susan Calman Strictly (Getty, EH)

Susan Calman has come up with a brand new inspirational quote which we should all start repeating to ourselves under our breath on Friday mornings: “If I can be Wonder Woman, anyone can.”


The comedian and Strictly Come Dancing contestant posted the message on Friday morning, expressing her delight and disbelief at getting so far in the competition.

“I wanted to do Strictly to prove that I could do something terrifying if I just believed in myself,” she wrote. “I’d love to get to Blackpool but no matter what happens I think I’ve done that. Because if I can be Wonder Woman, anyone can.”

Replying to a Twitter user unimpressed by the Strictly “schmaltziness”, Calman added, “All my life I’ve thought I was fat and ugly. I feel beautiful for the first time. Schmaltzy maybe. But true and bloody brilliant. It’s not just about dancing for me. It’s life changing.”

Calman really was Wonder Woman last month, when she flipped Strictly on its head and, dressed as the 70s super-heroine, led her pro partner Kevin Clifton in the samba.


Here’s a video of the dance so we can relive it all below…