What does a night in front of the telly involve in your house?

I don’t sit down to watch any old thing, it’s always something in particular. I watched The Fall addictively and I was hooked on the first series of The Missing. The Durrells was the first drama series we’ve ever watched as a family – the children used to really look forward to Sunday evenings.

Who has the remote control?

I’d love to say it was me, but it’s the children. It’s the same with the radio. I’ve woken up to the Today programme for as long as I remember, but as soon as we get in the car they put on Capital or Heart for the school run. They do let me listen to the news bulletin at 8am, but it’s a constant battle.

How much news do you watch?

I’m always digesting it through TV, radio, online or Twitter. It’s on all day at work, but once I’ve done one news bulletin I try to switch off a bit – I watch the BBC News at Ten to check I haven’t missed anything, then go to bed.

You recently completed the Berlin marathon. Congratulations!

Thank you! The day after, I started three 12-hour days of filming. I do wonder why I do it to myself sometimes… It’s like childbirth. Absolute agony, then once you’ve got the baby or the medal, you think: let’s do it again! Now I’m thinking of doing ultra marathons…

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What will you do when your legs say enough’s enough?

Don’t say that! I ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon with a 62-year-old who’s faster than me. Another friend is 63 – she’s run 130 marathons in five years and she’s still going. I’m banking on going for a few years yet.

Would you go on Strictly if you had the chance?

I had the only spray tan of my life when I did Children in Need Strictly. I’ve been asked to do the series a few times, but I want to concentrate on my running.

You’re back with Watchdog – it’s an old friend.

Watchdog is why I work in television. It was the first show I worked on, aged 16 and doing work experience. I’d never had any ambitions to present TV before, I’d always wanted to work in production.

I helped on a couple of stories, one on the safety of playgrounds and the other on the cost of ice cream in Hyde Park.

Have you ever been duped?

No, but I’m really wary. It’s really alarming, all the phone calls you get saying you’ve got a problem with your computer or the phishing emails trying to get your personal details. I can spot them, but I know a lot of people don’t.

You’ve played yourself in everything from the Ab Fab movie to Doctor Who. How come?

I can’t act, so the only way I’ll ever be in a film is as myself. Doctor Who, I did for my son. I didn’t tell him, but his face when he saw his mother in the show he adored… It was instant hero status.

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