“Simon Cowell’s a liar – he makes stuff up as he has no dirt on me!” says BGT’s Alesha Dixon

"He likes to make up that I'm a diva or difficult," laughs Alesha after the boss claims she's been walking out of Britain's Got Talent auditions


In this week’s Radio Times magazine, Simon Cowell claimed one of the downsides of having Alesha Dixon as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent is that she’s “headstrong” and “occasionally walks out” of auditions. Today, with her trademark Carry On laugh in place, Dixon blasted the quotes roaring: “He’s a liar!”


“I read that and I was cracking up,” Dixon told RadioTimes.com on the red carpet at today’s launch event. “Simon’s thing with me, because he knows I’m a genuine person, he likes to make out that I’m a diva or difficult because he has no dirt on me!”

“So he makes things up, that I’ve got no time for the kids or I don’t want to talk to anyone or the judges can’t talk to me or I walk out. It’s all a load of rubbish, I would never walk out,” she said, before remembering there had been that one time.

“I think once in five series David and Simon were winding Amanda and I up so we got up and left and had a cup of tea. That’s about as diva-ish as it’s ever got!”


Britain’s Got Talent returns Saturday at 7:00pm on ITV