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Simon Cowell steals Nicole Scherzinger's best lines on The X Factor - then she gets edited out

The judge admitted she has a lot of her Scher-zingers stolen off her by Cowell during the X Factor auditions

Nicole Scherzinger Simon Cowell
Published: Sunday, 3rd September 2017 at 9:00 am

For a music mogul, you'd have thought Simon Cowell would be rather averse to people having their creative ideas stolen.


But it seems the X Factor judge is sometimes party to a bit of plagiarism behind the scenes himself and has been nicking fellow panelist Nicole Scherzinger's best lines.

Asked if she'd had to be told off by Cowell at any point during the auditions so far, Nicole said at the press launch for series 14 of the ITV talent show: "I’ve had to tell him off. He’s stealing all of my lines!"

Louis Walsh interjected: "That’s true. What people don’t realise, she’ll say something very intelligent about a song or about an artist and then Simon will repeat it and then he will say to Nicole: ‘Guess which one is going to be used?’ That’s true. A lot of people don’t know that."

They do now, Louis!

Nicole added that she now tries to speak over Cowell when he starts parroting her "so they can't use it".

We would say we expect better from someone like Mr Cowell... but we'd be lying.


The X Factor starts on Saturday 2nd September on ITV


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