Simon Cowell surprises school ahead of choir’s Britain’s Got Talent audition

Cowell surprised members of the choir Class Dynamics by turning up in their classroom to let them know they were going to be on the show

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Britain's Got Talent: SR14: Ep3 on ITV

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One act on Britain’s Got Talent got a huge surprise on tonight’s show – when Simon Cowell made a surprise visit at their school to inform them that they would be auditioning.


Class Dynamics, a 28-strong children’s choir from Leeds with members aged between 9 and 11, had been unaware that they had been entered into the competition by their teacher Danny until Cowell showed up – and they were clearly excited to see him.

Prior to the audition one of the kids said: “It’s everyone’s dream to be on Britain’s Got Talent, it’s gone from being a dream to waking up and it’s real life,” with another adding: “No matter what happens, when you give it your all – nothing is impossible!”

Teacher Danny explained that the choir was a really mixed-ability group with lots of different confidence levels, adding that the kids would always remember the day Simon Cowell turned up at their school – with one member claiming that she’d never wash the shirt she’d been wearing ever again.

And the choir’s energetic performance of an original anti-bullying song went down extremely well with both the crowd and the judges – receiving a standing ovation and four yeses.

David Walliams said of the performance: “What a brilliant song! You performed it fantastically and you’re putting such a positive message out there – well done! Because it’s a big thing to come onto a stage like this, especially when you didn’t even know you were going to come.”


Cowell added: “When we met I said ‘are you any good’ and they said ‘yeah yeah, yeah, we’re quite good.’ Little did I know that you were going to be brilliant! This is such a strong message, we’ve never had a choir like you before, this is one of the best we’ve heard.”

Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturday at 8pm on ITV. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.