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Sharon Osbourne reveals the internet convinced her to bring Honey G back to The X Factor

"Looking at everything online" persuaded Sharon the controversial rapper was one to hang on to

Published: Sunday, 16th October 2016 at 6:41 pm

X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne has revealed it was actually the internet which persuaded her to give Honey G another chance.


During the Six Chair Challenge, Mrs O was not impressed by rapper Honey G from "North Weezy" (Harrow) and didn't even give her a seat. But a quick Google search convinced her she'd made a major mistake.

Honey G was soon back in the game, stepping in to replace Ivy Grace Paredes for Judges' Houses after the Filipino failed to get a visa.


Asked what had changed her mind, Sharon told "Looking at everything online."

She explained: "There was so much controversy over Honey G. It's amazing the controversy that's gone on through this show, through her.

"So as much as people are against her, people are for her. And I kind of love that. I love the underdog. It's like: Yeah, come on, we can do this."

'Realest chick in the game right now' Honey G, who impressed Robbie Williams at Judges' Houses with her version of Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise, is one of Sharon's Overs along with Relley C and Saara Aalto.


Honey G and her mentor have bonded despite what happened during the Six Chair Challenge.

After that performance, Honey G had complained: "She's just not on my flex, man, she's not on my level."

But now the rapper says she is "blessed" to have Sharon's support.

"She's so real, she keeps it real, she's so down with me as well, obviously being a rapper.

"I saw her referring to me as 'my gangster rapper', on the television, and I was just so pleased that she respected me for exactly what I am.

"And I just think that's brilliant, and I think that's so unique, especially in an X Factor judge as well. So I'm very, very blessed to have Sharon on side."


The X Factor live shows begin on Saturday, 8th October at 8pm on ITV


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