Given that they haven’t usually clinched a record deal yet, talent show entrants tend to have a day job – but not many can claim they have competed at the Olympic Games.


Enter The Voice UK contestant Jazmin Sawyers, 22, who revealed on Saturday night’s show that she had represented Team GB at Rio 2016, placing a creditable eighth in the women’s long jump.

“I was annoyed at the time because I wanted more,” said Jazmin. “But eighth in the Olympics was a good result so for now I’ll take it.”

In her younger years, Jazmin has also competed in the high jump and heptathlon – often vying with fellow Rio star Katarina Johnson-Thompson – and even in the bobsleigh at the Youth Winter Olympics.

Jazmin sets a personal best in the long jump at the 2016 European Athletics Championships

“As I kid, I’d watch the Olympics and go ‘that’s what I want to do’... Athletics is my first love, it’s my main passion, it’s what I’ve been working for for years, but it’s not the only thing in my life.

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve also had a great love for music. It’s hard to have two things that you love, because how do you give one the attention it deserves, but my motivation to do well in music has shot up.”

There’s some evidence of that on her YouTube channel where you can hear Jazmin (who also plays the guitar) performing acoustic versions of Drake’s One Dance…

…and Lorde’s Royals…

among others.

On the night, Jazmin impressed with her mash-up of Alessia Cara’s Here and Portishead’s Glory Box, with hitting his button at the last minute in a “sneaky” move that threw the other coaches.

As fellow coach Gavin Rossdale told Will afterwards, “anyone who’s got to the Olympics is a hard worker, she’s gonna listen, she has desire, passion, commitment… you lucked out.”


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