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Louis Walsh accuses The X Factor's Honey G of being David Cameron in a wig

Is the former prime minister making the most of his retirement from politics?

Published: Sunday, 16th October 2016 at 10:35 am

Honey G storms into the X Factor live shows just after former PM David Cameron quits politics – coincidence? Louis Walsh thinks not.


After the controversial rapper performed Mo Money Mo Problems for Motown Week, Louis went straight in, telling her: "Everybody is saying to me that they think that you're David Cameron in a wig."

Simon Cowell yelled out: "What?!" – but Louis pressed on.

"People are saying to me that they think it's David Cameron in a wig. Is it true?" he asked, adding: "People are saying it to me in Dublin. I don't know."

An outraged Sharon Osbourne was completely unimpressed, telling him: "How dare you and how dare your friends."

The theory does have its supporters, however.


For her part, Honey handled the whole thing with grace, explaining: "I laughed it off. I laughed it off."


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