It’s The Voice vs Stars in Their Eyes in the camp new battle for Saturday night

Which of the singing shows will you be tweeting along with? Why not make it both?

With its giant spinning chairs, a judge who’s always ready to name-check Elvis and a round that sees contestants facing each other in a boxing ring, The Voice UK is not short of cheesy credentials. 


But it will have a tough time out-camping its new singing show rival this Saturday night.

Because when BBC1’s answer to The X Factor returns for its fourth series at 7pm, it will be going head to head with Stars in Their Eyes…

It’s almost ten years since Stars was last on our screens. You remember: the show in which members of the public – and occasionally celebrities – perform (for better or worse) as their favourite singing icons. In fact, new host Harry Hill once took to the Stars in Their Eyes stage for a brilliant turn as Morrissey, waving a bunch of gladioli while singing This Charming Man.

And if I tell you that a publicity shot for the new series features Harry wearing his trademark giant-collared shirt and thick-rimmed glasses while riding a shooting star across the sky, you’ll get a pretty good idea of just how seriously it continues to take itself.

But which to watch? Yes, I know there are such things as set-top recorders and ITV+1 but if you’re going to enjoy either The Voice or Stars in Their Eyes properly, you’re going to do it with the aid of Twitter, which means watching them live. 

Come to think of it, do you even need to choose? We’re not talking Breaking Bad here – missing out on a bit of dialogue is not going to spoil your enjoyment of either show. So forget two-screening, up the ante and watch both shows at the same time while simultaneously sharing your thoughts on social media.

This might just be the future of Saturday night after all…


The Voice UK is on BBC1, and Stars in Their Eyes is on ITV, at 7pm on Saturday