Is X Factor judge Tulisa becoming Cheryl Cole?

Their fates are inextricably linked: we present inescapable evidence of something strange...

There’s something spooky going on.


We’ve been compiling evidence and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the parallels between the life and career of nation’s sweetheart Tulisa Contostavlos and former nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole are more than a coincidence.

Let’s look at the facts.

As we know, Cheryl rose to fame as part of a music group, Girls Aloud. So did Tulisa. In her case, it was N-Dubz. Nothing strange there (except the name).

But how about this: in 2010 Cheryl was hospitalised by high-profile illness malaria, following a visit to well-known foreign country Tanzania.

Not long before that, Tulisa had also been confined to a hospital bed after contracting headline-grabbing disease swine flu. Where was she when she collapsed? That’s right, abroad (in this case, Greece). Curiouser and curiouser…

In 2008 Cheryl Cole was made a judge on The X Factor. In 2011, Tulisa got the call-up.

OK. Fine. But listen: the year Cheryl started, she was voted the world’s seventhsexiest woman in FHM’s annual poll. This year, Tulisa came 15th in the same poll. Sure, she’s a little off Cheryl’s pace here, but the parallel remains striking.

At this point, you’re no doubt arming yourself with magic crystals and lucky amulets, and preparing to sacrifice a goat to your favoured deity. But brace yourselves, because it may not end there. Indications are that the trend is set to continue.

Earlier this week, N-Dubz rapper Dappy admitted the group is not long for this world.

“The band is definitely going to quiet down for the next year-and-a-half to two years,” he told The Mirror.

“At the end of that period, we will do a Greatest Hits or Best of N-Dubz. Then that’ll be it: finished.”

So what does that mean for his cousin, Tulisa? Could a solo career be next on the agenda, as it was for Cheryl?

Ever wondered why Contostavlos is credited simply as Tulisa in the X Factor credits? Well, if she did go solo, that would surely be her moniker of choice – so could she be preparing us for an announcement?

Dig a bit further and the conclusion becomes inescapable. You see, rumour has it that Tulisa went back on an agreement with Dappy and Fazer of N-Dubz to use slots on The X Factor to promote the band – and that she instead intends to showcase her own solo material on the show.

As an X Factor judge, Cheryl used the series to pimp her singles in much the same way.

But if Tulisa does follow Cheryl into a solo career, what next? Insiders are hinting she may use her relationship with fellow judge Kelly Rowland to take her career stateside – just like Cheryl.


Could it be true? Could Tulisa be destined to launch a failed attempt to break America? Or can the pupil surpass the master? Can Tulisa out-Cheryl Cheryl and crack the US? Only the fates can tell…