How Gary Barlow put together Let It Shine’s musical opening number

Was he really naked in that shower? And what big mistake did Mel Giedroyc make in that performance?


You can’t say that Gary Barlow hasn’t fully committed to Let it Shine.


The brand spanking new BBC1 talent show is the brainchild of the Take That frontman, who is on a quest to find five boys to play a band in a new touring musical.

And to open the very first episode tonight, Barlow wrote and starred in his own four-minute mini musical that gently ribs both the TV talent show format and fame in general.


A sample lyric goes: “And if it doesn’t work out then don’t worry / ‘cos they’ll find somebody else”. So true.

Anyway, Barlow and presenters Graham Norton and Mel Giedroyc have revealed all about the little production – with Gary nearly revealing a bit too much.

Speaking about that shower scene right at the start of the show, he sadly shattered the illusion that he was completely naked.

“I did actually have some thin undies on, just to ruin it,” he told and others at a press conference. “They were horrible! I had to apologise to the poor dancers, but I think that’s probably it [for nudity in the show]. It was a two-year diet, just for that one shot!”


Giedroyc revealed that there were 40 dancers in the production and they’re all of the crew that work with Take That, including their choreographer.

However, she also drew our attention to a rather unfortunate incident while filming the studio part of the number alongside Norton and Barlow.


“I had one step to do and got it wrong,” she said. “And the Take That choreographer has not looked me in the eye since. It was one step!”

Sure enough, if you watch it back very closely there’s a moment when the trio are dancing in a line and Gary and Graham both take a step forward before spinning around – but Mel completely misses the cue! It’s this bit here:


“It was great in rehearsal, wasn’t it?” she asked Norton at the press conference. “You were great in rehearsal,” he confirmed.

Although the former Bake Off host also said that she “would drop everything, literally everything” for the chance to be in a musical, we’re not sure the phone will be ringing off the hook after that…


Let it Shine airs continues on Saturday January 14 on BBC1