Honey G given second chance on X Factor as Ivy Grace fails to get US visa

"I'm not just belting out an amazing voice, I am what is happening right now in the music scene. I'm the whole shebang"


Just when she thought her journey on The X Factor had come to an end, Honey G was given another chance last night, much to the shock of ITV viewers.


The 35-year-old rapper had failed to make it through the Six Chair Challenge on Sunday night’s show. However, her newfound fortune came after singer Ivy Grace failed to get a visa that would let her travel to Sharon Osbourne’s LA house to film the next part of the competition.

Sharon said: “I’m really disappointed that Ivy couldn’t continue in the competition but I really wish her well.

“I thought long and hard about who can take Ivy’s place in the competition and I have never received so many calls and texts about an auditionee before.

“She’s larger than life, she’s fun, she’s different to everyone else in this competition… and I love different.”

Honey G was sympathetic: “I think Ivy’s voice is incredible and she’s very talented. She definitely would have gone very far in the competition if she had stayed.

“Obviously it’s a great shame she couldn’t progress but I’m very lucky and very happy to be back in the competition, a complete stroke of luck for me.”

But clearly thought her second chance in the competition was well deserved: “I’m not just belting out an amazing voice, I am what is happening right now in the music scene. I’m the whole shebang.”

Although Twitter didn’t exactly agree:

While Honey G and the rest of Sharon’s Overs jet off to LA, the Groups fly to Ibiza to sing for Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell invites the Girls to Malibu, and the Boys join Nicole Scherzinger in Nice.


The X Factor continues on ITV Saturday 1st October at 8pm and Sunday 2nd October at 7:30pm