Greg Rutherford had a drugs test on his very first day of Strictly Come Dancing training

"Clearly they think I'm too good a dancer," the Olympic long jumper joked


Greg Rutherford’s first day in the Strictly rehearsal started somewhat differently to others: with a drugs test by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).


The Olympic long jumper – who joins the show fresh from scooping a bronze medal at the Rio 2016 Games – saw the funny side of the timing, joking that they must think he’s “too good a dancer”.

Confirming the test, his spokesperson told us: “As part of the commitment to clean sport an athlete of his level has to give them [the IAAF] their whereabouts all the time so they can turn up unannounced and test whenever they see fit.”

The test forms part of the IAAF’s anti-doping programme, which sees the organisation conduct approximately 3500 annual in- and out-of-competition tests.

Away from these bathroom duties, Rutherford appears to be getting into the swing of all things ballroom-related. Despite the pain his feet are about to be in, he seemed really rather pleased to be presented with a pair of practice shoes from his pro partner Natalie Lowe.


Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC1 later this month