Four of the boys on Let It Shine didn’t actually make it through to round two after all

There were only 40 places available, and the judges had put through 44 boys. Whoops


Well this was a bit of an oversight.


It turns out that getting 15 stars on Let It Shine wasn’t actually enough to automatically progress to the second leg of the competition after all.

With only 40 spots available in round two, judges Gary Barlow, Dannii Minogue, Martin Kemp and guest judge Amber Riley had been a bit too trigger-happy with their stars and had actually put through 44 boys. Whoops.

So with four of the lads surplus to requirements after the final auditions, there was only one thing for it: a dance off.


Based both on their vocal and dance ability, judges Barlow, Minogue and Kemp whittled those in danger down to eight boys who need to be looked at again and reassessed.

Those whose moves didn’t come up to scratch were marked out as the weaklings and relegated to the subs bench. Ouch.


The whole thing was very tense. Just look how full of angst poor Kempo was:


The four unlucky chaps were:

  • Jack Hinton
  • Jordan Charles
  • Keith Branic
  • Ciaran O’Brien

If we were one of the lucky 40 to make it through, we’d definitely be on the lookout for any banana skins ‘accidentally’ left at the top of staircases over the next few weeks…

Break a leg boys!


Let It Shine continues on Saturday 4th February on BBC1