Five acts to look forward to (and one to avoid) on Britain’s Got Talent

Aerial pole dancing, mother and daughter singing, some cool dance crews and then just a bit too much smooching... here's a sneak peek at the t auditions


It’s a mixed bag on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent – the opening of the show quite the slow run of uninspiring acts. Some goosebump-inducing performances save the day later on, thank goodness. But you can’t say we didn’t warn you with one act in particular…


Ana and Fia

Goosebumps? Check. Hairs on the back of your neck up? Check. Tears pricking eyes? Check. Yes, singing mother and daughter duo Ana and Fia pack a punch with their rendition of Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand’s Tell Him.

David Forest 

Oh, David Forest. The 84-year-old has penned his own song about the driver of the Number 19 bus and there’s a whopping ten verses. Yes, ten. You can imagine who might just wish the song would come to an end…


Khronos Agoria 

Energy, energy, energy. That’s what dance crew Khronos Agoria bring us. All while really rather smartly dressed. Good work.


Mythical PSM 

There’s more fancy footwork from best friends Miguel, 17, David, 18, and Stephan, 17. Alesha Dixon likens them to X Factor runners-up Reggie N Bollie for their infectious and likeable personalities.


Saulo Sarmiento 

Aerial pole dancer Saulo gets the judges all hot under the collar before he even begins his performance. No idea why…


And the one to avoid… Topaz

There’s just a teeny tiny bit too much smooching from married couple Tony, 67, and Patsy, 62, after their performance. Just a tad. It’s a good time to make a cuppa.


See Britain’s Got Talent tonight at 8:00pm on ITV