Much of The Voice Kids has been very similar to The Voice UK. The same red chairs, the same Blind Auditions and the same


But now that the four weeks of Blind Auditions have wrapped up and the 36 very best young singers have made it on to the teams of coaches Pixie Lott, Danny Jones and, things are now starting to get a bit more serious.

On the 'regular' series of The Voice UK, the Battle rounds see two singers from the same team going head to head and duetting on a particular song, with only one of them selected to stay on the show by their coach and progress to the semi-finals.

However, on The Voice Kids there will be three young singers all performing at the same time. Here's a preview:

Just one of these young performers will be taken through to the next stage by their coach.

In The Voice UK, an unsuccessful singer from the Battles would have the option of being stolen by another coach - a move fittingly deemed a 'Steal'. However, that's been completely done away with for The Voice Kids.

Who's on Team Pixie?

Who's on Team will?

Who's on Team Danny?

That means that without the option of a Steal, the two singers who aren't successful will sadly be immediately going home.

The reason why both of these format points have been adapted from the adult to the junior version of the show is to make the programme less challenging and combative for children.

The Voice Kids has international versions all around the world, from Ukraine to Poland, Columbia to Russia, and this is the same across all the versions of the show.

After the Battles, will, Pixie and Danny will each have four acts left each. The semi-final will see that whittled down to just two each, which means six singers in total will be progressing through to The Voice Kids live grand final.


The Voice Kids airs on Saturday July 8 and Sunday July 9 at 7.30pm on ITV.