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Ed Balls gets told off for dancing like a rugby player by Strictly Come Dancing partner

The former MP looks like he's preparing to enter a scrum rather than the ballroom as his partner resorts to putting lip balm on his shoes

Published: Tuesday, 13th September 2016 at 9:55 am

Strictly Come Dancing's Ed Balls is getting his balls in a muddle and is dancing like he's trying to catch a rugby ball rather than trying to earn the glitterball trophy.


Mid 'brush, down, up, glide,' the former MP's pro dancer Katya Jones stops him, joking that he's dancing "like a rugby player".


He very sweetly accepts the criticism, with a simple 'oh right' and tries again.

But Balls looks (quite rightly) terrified when Jones tells him the problem is the back of his head and that it looks like someone's trying to rip his spine out of him.


What on earth happens in these training sessions?

Well, quite a few unexpected things it transpires, as Balls later posted this snap of Jones resorting to putting lip balm on his shoes to help him slide.

The good news here is Balls is clearly able to laugh at himself - and Strictly fans love a trier.


So tens or no tens, scrum or samba, he's set to go far in this competition.


Strictly Come Dancing returns Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September on BBC1


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