Dance Dance Dance’s breakout star Chrissy Brooke reveals how she instantly fell in love with Jonny Labey

The young couple became the first-ever Dance Dance Dance champions after picking up a perfect score in the final


As Jonny Labey and Chrissy Brooke became the first-ever Dance Dance Dance champions on Sunday night, they made everybody emotional with their heartfelt words to each other. “There’s nothing better than sharing this experience with a person you love,” Labey said.


The win came straight after a faultless performance of P!nk’s Try, which sees a man and a woman battling it out, expressing their pain through contemporary dance.

But while judge Timor Steffens insisted that the dance must reflect something about the couple’s real partnership as he awarded it a 10, Brooke says it was all acting – and that tempestuous relationship couldn’t be further from the truth.


“He had a chat with us before the final performance and he was like, ‘Yeah you need to think of the story, think how you feel when you have arguments’,” she says.

“I was like, ‘But we never argue! Literally.’

“It was hard to get angry and push Johnny around the stage. I was like, ‘I don’t want to hurt you!’ But we just took it as an acting thing, and I think with all the adrenaline that brought that out of us as well. The passion was definitely based on our relationship – but I don’t know about the rest!”

The two met at a house party in October 2015. “You know when you meet someone and you have that connection straight away?” Brooke asks. “You know when you are just drawn to someone, and you’re like, how have we never met?”

But the dancer, who is currently in rehearsals for the West End production of An American in Paris, admits she had some worries about working together on Dance Dance Dance.

This weeks routine has left us absolutely broken ! HELP ?

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“We said this could be like make or break. This could literally be the end because it is such a stressful process,” she tells us.

“But it was just the best thing and I think we really found a mutual respect in seeing the way each other works, and our professionalism, and when each of us were finding it hard or whatever we really helped each other out, and it was really nice to have each other there. It was such a great experience and we’ll really treasure it.”

So – will they watch it back with their grandkids one day?

“Yeah exactly! We’ll show the children.”

Labey seems equally in love.

“I’m just so proud of her, every single thing she did. It was incredible,” he says.


“There was some article that came out that said the show made us fancy each other more, and all this nonsense. And it was like: we were already besotted with each other!”