Could former Union J member George Shelley soon be looking at Twitter for a living?

George of the Jungle is reportedly in talks to become The X Factor's "social media correspondent"


Nice work if you can get it. George Shelley – former member of boyband Union J, AKA I’m a Celebrity’s George of the Jungle – could be returning to the show that made his name as The X Factor’s “social media correspondent”.


Sounds pretty grand, right? Or could it just mean looking at Twitter?

Apparently, George is in talks to fill the role on ITV2’s X Factor spin-off show The Xtra Factor, helping to balance the age of the judging panel – averaging 55 and counting – with his youthful outlook and access to 800,000 followers.


“With an ageing judging panel this year, producers hope George can keep younger viewers engaged,” a source reportedly told the Sun.