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Cheryl's back on The X Factor for Simon Cowell's Judges Houses

And just look how happy they are...

Simon Cowell and Cheryl at X Factor Judges Houses
Published: Saturday, 7th October 2017 at 7:24 pm

Cheryl's back on The X Factor. Or at least she will be in a couple of weeks when she joins Simon Cowell in Nice, France, for the Judges Houses section of the competition.


See, there they are together in the pic above (because, actually, it's all happening now and, by the magic of TV, will be piped into your homes at a later date).

It's a couple of years since the two worked together on the show so if you're a fan of the Cowell-Tweedy-Factor axis, this can only be good news.


A source from The Sun adds some colour to the collaboration, saying “Simon and Cheryl bonded over parenting during a private jet and helicopter flight to the house.

“She curtsied for him she first got onto the plane – it was her way of breaking the ice.

“Despite the break they’ve had from each other, they’re still clearly very close.”

Lovely stuff.

The Bootcamp section of The X Factor continues on Saturday at 8:15pm and Sunday at 7:30pm on ITV


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