Kyle Tomlinson says “all is forgiven” of David Walliams after the Britain’s Got Talent judge initially upset him when he first auditioned for the show.


The 15-year-old sang on BGT when he was 12 years old and, although his performance wasn’t televised, it transpires that the judges gave him a no – with Walliams telling the youngster to go away, have singing lessons and come back another year.

Saying he was “a little bit” annoyed at the comedian following his first audition, Kyle can now confirm that after winning Walliams’s Golden Buzzer, there are no hard feelings between the two.

“Back then I couldn’t take criticism so it did upset me a bit,” Kyle tells of his first audition. “But I thought about it and he was right – he was bob on with what he said.

“This time I thought I was ready because after last time when I got sent away by David I thought ‘I’m going to do what he says’,” Kyle continues. “And I did it – and I succeeded!”

Saying that he didn’t want to apply for other shows like The X Factor or The Voice UK, Kyle adds: “I had my mind set just to impress David, really. I’ve always wanted to be a singer for as long as I can remember. I wanted to make it as a full-time career and I thought if anyone can get me there it’s David, Simon and the rest of the judges.”

The Sheffield teenager also tells us that it was series three runner-up Susan Boyle who initially inspired him to apply for the show in the first place.

“She reminded me so much of me,” he explains. “I thought ‘that’s me’ – how she walked out on stage and everyone laughed at her – but then she sang and she got a round of applause. I feel in a sense like that’s me.”

He describes the reaction since Saturday as being “absolutely mental”. “People are stopping me in the streets and everything,” he says. “It’s nice that I can openly talk about [the Golden Buzzer] now and just get support off of everyone, really.”

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Sadly the reaction hasn't been wholly positive, with some viewers online commenting that Walliams only used his Golden Buzzer for Kyle out of guilt. "I’ve got this mind set in life – just take it on the chin," says Kyle. "Not everyone will love you, and obviously everyone gets haters."

Now, Kyle has his sights set even higher than the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent.

"My dream when I was younger and it still is to be the youngest ever Jean Val Jean on the West End or Broadway," he smiles. "But I suppose I could be an international artist too!”


Britain's Got Talent continues next Saturday at 8pm on ITV.