Britain’s Got Talent dancers Gao Lin and Liu Xin earned a Golden Buzzer… on Asia’s Got Talent!

The acrobatic dancers have made a name for themselves on Asia's Got Talent, but will they find the same success in Britain?


Episode two of Britain’s Got Talent features a performance from a pair of acrobatic dancers – but what is not mentioned in the broadcast is the fact that Gao Lin and Liu Xin have already appeared on Asia’s Got Talent and earned a Golden Buzzer.


Read on for more details of the talented duo…

Age: Gao Lin is 28 and Liu Xin is 24.

From: Beijing, China

Gao Lin and Liu Xin are acrobatic dancers who have been performing together for more than nine years. The pair have talent contest form, first gaining fame in Asia when they appeared on Asia’s Got Talent in 2015 and were chosen as Mel C’s Golden Buzzer act. Yes, seriously. Take a look at this video if you don’t believe us:

They were sent straight from the auditions to the semi-finals, and despite missing out on the top place to Filipino shadow play group El Gamma Penumbra, they made headlines when Gao Lin proposed to Liu Xin on stage. They married in 2015.

The hardworking pair practice together for between four and five hours every day, and have also previously competed in China’s Got Talent.


The duo had hoped that appearing in Asia’s Got Talent would give them the opportunity to perform on bigger platforms and were surprised by the positive reactions they received from overseas as videos circulated of their performances; hopefully the happy couple will receive the same response when they appear on Britain’s Got Talent.