Gruffydd Wyn Roberts earned a Golden Buzzer on Britain's Got Talent - and already his audition has been watched over two million times on YouTube.


The 22-year-old from Anglesey in north Wales performed Nessun Dorma, moved Alesha Dixon to tears and managed to bag Amanda Holden's Golden Buzzer.

However, his audition wasn't completely plain singing. When he first began, Simon Cowell stopped him saying that his performance was "cold and mechanical".

"When Simon stopped me I thought it was all over and it was hard to hear that," Gruffydd tells "I thought I was doing OK, but obviously something wasn’t right. I just thought, 'I have to just take a minute to myself and compose myself and just give it my all for the next song'. And that’s what I did, really."

His second song was Nessun Dorma - the same one that Paul Potts auditioned with 12 years ago when Gruffydd was just 10 years old.

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"I remember his audition very well," he tells "It was amazing. I’ve been trying to master the song for a while now and it’s become a piece that I do when I’ve had a few pints on the karaoke, so I just thought, ‘Why not put it on the big stage and see how it goes down?’ Obviously it went down pretty well."

So has he heard from Paul himself? "No, not at all yet. Haven’t heard anything!"

Performing in front of thousands at Blackpool's Winter Gardens for his audition back in January was "very, very nerve-racking" he says.

"I could feel my legs shaking whilst I was singing to be honest - I think that was mixed with adrenaline and nerves," he says.

His next performance will be during the show's live semi-finals in just a few weeks.

"I’m looking forward to it and it’s going to be very, very nerve-racking again but I think I’ll be alright. I’m rehearsing a lot at the moment and I’m just taking every day as it comes, really, just enjoying it and going with the flow. Because that’s all I can do, really."

After his performance, Gruffydd says that Amanda congratulated him and said well done. "I haven’t really spoken to her since the day so I’m hoping we can catch up before the live shows," he adds.

This is the very first time he has entered a TV show, and now being one of the chosen Golden Buzzer acts Gruffudd says he feels "extra pressure".

"There are only five people in the whole country each year that get given a Golden Buzzer - that’s an achievement, and I'm definitely feeling the pressure to perform well for everybody and make Amanda proud again."


Britain's Got Talent airs Saturdays on ITV