BGT’s Pudsey and the best dogs dancing Gangnam Style

The talent show winner will apparently be performing Psy's dance routine next week at the National Television Awards - but he won't be the first pooch to try the viral video craze...

He’s won Britain’s Got Talent and written a best-selling book, but now Pudsey the wonder dog is embarking on his greatest challenge to date: learning to dance Gangnam Style.


The performing pooch is currently said to be in training with his owner Ashleigh Butler, and the pair hope to have nailed the moves to South Korean pop sensation Psy’s mega-hit single by next week.

They’ve been booked to perform their canine take on the track’s dance routine at next week’s National Television Awards, and a source was quoted in The Sun as saying: “Like billions of other creatures across the world, Pudsey is a huge fan of Gangnam Style.

“And like many others, he has been trying to do the moves. They aren’t that easy to get right, even for those with two legs. He hasn’t been through this much intense training since Britain’s Got Talent.”

Aw, bless.

But Pudsey should feel reasonably confident: after all, he’s not the first pooch to have been persuaded to try his hand (or should that be paw?) at dancing like Psy… and he’s a professional.

So, to give you some idea of what the NTA’s audience might expect to see from Pudsey next week (and because everyone likes videos of dancing dogs), here’s a selection of other dogs dancing Gangnam Style.