BGT’s Alex Magala wants the Queen to pull a sword from his throat if he wins

The sword swallower says it's his "dream" to have Her Majesty involved in his Royal Variety Performance if he scoops this year's top prize


Sword swallower Alex Magala has put some thought into what might happen if he wins this year’s Britain’s Got Talent and it involves our very own Queen.


In fact, if Magala scoops the top prize and earns a spot on the Royal Variety Performance this year, he doesn’t want Her Majesty to simply watch, he wants her involved in his act.

“It would be just a dream come true if the Queen would take out the sword from my throat,” Magala exclusively told backstage at the BGT studios ahead of his semi-final performance earlier this week. “That would just be a dream come true.”

It may be just a tad tricky to sort out, but at least Magala’s aiming high, eh?

As for his final performance tonight, the sword swallower’s act will once again be pre-recorded due to the dangerous nature of his choreography.

But if he were to join the line-up of the Royal Variety Performance, Magala insisted he would be able to perform his act live: “I would make sure that everything would go right.”


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